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Join us on a journey back in time, where cultural history is of great importance. Our guides take you through the distillery and follow the potato’s journey from the farm to the table with the help of storytelling and audiovisual experiences.
We have open tours every Saturday at 2 pm for NOK. 195.- per person. During the summer months, several open tours are set up during the week.
Please contact us in advance if you are coming in larger groups so that we are prepared, or if you wish the tour to be in English as most of our guides are not fluent.
In addition to this, we can accept groups of a minimum of 10 people. Get in touch for booking.

Aquavit tasting

In connection with the tour, we can also offer an aquavit tasting.
Our guides have extensive experience and knowledge of the history, flavours and techniques required to make Norwegian barrel-aged aquavit. In addition to the story, you will gain understanding of food and drink combination, and how to choose a drink to accompany your meal. The aquavit tasting is perfect to combine with a tour of the distillery and or dining experiences in the restaurant such as late lunch, dinner or light meals and snacks. To join the aquavit tasting one has to be 20 years old in Norway.
Duration tour 60-90 minutes / 90-120 minutes incl. aquavit tasting

Book here
Only tour 195.-
Package 1
guided tour + Aquavit tasting 1 taste 325.-
Package 2
guided tour + Aquavit tasting 2 tastes 375.-
Package 3
guided tour + Aquavit tasting 3 taste 425.-
Package 4
guided tour + Aquavit tasting 3 taste and 1 aquavit cocktail  475.-


62 33 00 55

Administrasjon og booking: mandag-fredag 9:00-16:00

Spiseriet : Telefonen er betjent i restaurantens åpningstid.


Sandvikavegen 214, 2312 Ottestad